Being Blindfolded
February 19, 2004 - 3:42 PM

Listening to: Linkin Park-Numb

Today it stopped raining (I stopped Crying) and It was an ok day...I was kinda excited but not like MAJOR excited. Well incase I didnt tell you my mom let me go to JDD yay! and well I saw this one dress and I fell in love wif it! yeah Imma try to buy it and if not then Tomorrow was supposed to be Snow Bowl again but they cancelled it again cuz they are putting pipes in the school or sumfin like that (thats what I heard) You wanna know why I love Chocolate well cuz it tastes good, Its a romantic, exotic candy (my opinion), and it gets me hyper (sometimes) and then I dont care if things are sad or happy im just HAPPY you know...I havent eaten chocolate today so im not hyper im just ok...Nevermind im eating Whoopers Chocolates...imma be hyped later on..maybe....Remember that on yesterdasys entry I put that I might be getting sick cuz I got wet well not no more cuz well I feel FINE..Today for Play production we had to put blindfolds on and have someone walk us around the auditorium it was to help us gain trust on the person guiding us cept my person was kinda talking to her friend and led me to crash wif a trash bin *sighs* then we both crack up and she says sorry..then when im guiding her we have to walk throught these really narrow seats and well she hits her leg really hard I DIDNT DO IT ON PURPOSE! and well when I was blindfolded I almost fell on the stairs and she did too lol and this other girl Fell off the chair it was funny...yeah it was kool. I got introuble today too..(KINDA) I was showing Carlin the lezbian book and Mr.cordero took the book and is like "Reading while im talking is rude" and he took it and he said I had to get a note from my mom saying that I will not read during class...GRR he pisses me off but yeah..*sighs* SHOVE THE BOOK UP YOURS! yeah...Well I have homework to do for HIS FUCKIN CLASS...anyways BYE

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